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Superb Audio / Video + Tapeless Workflow + ASI I/O1


Break-through the limitations of low bit-rate 3:1:1 / 4:2:0 sub-sampled (1440x1080) recording and unlock your camera's full video-quality potential.

Unlike Firewire recording drives, which provide no quality improvement whatsoever, Flash XDR captures the never-compressed HD-SDI output using a world-class 4:2:2 full-raster (1920x1080i/p) MPEG2 CODEC at bit-rates up to 160 Mbps (4X to 6X that of HDV).

Flash XDR virtually eliminates motion-artifacts, mosquito-noise and keying problems. Superb 24-bit uncompressed audio (mic or line input) complements the stunning video.

The camera-mountable, low-power, all solid-state design utilizes affordable CompactFlash media to provide 2.4 hours recording time (160 Mbps) using four 48 GB cards! Industry standard MXF file format ensures easy transfer to leading NLE programs with all the benefits of a tapeless workflow, including fast downloads and metadata support. Additional features include 24p pulldown removal, time-lapse recording and automatic backups (RAID1).

Innovative CompactFlash Based Design

  • Industry-standard, non-proprietary memory
  • Widely available, low-cost, 32GB costs ? US $150
  • Hot-swappable, non-volatile, highly reliable
  • Long-life: 10K Insertions / Removals

Powerful File-Based Tapeless Workflow
  • Industry Standard MXF (OP-1A) File Format
  • XML Based MetaData
  • High-speed transfer via USB, Express Card, or Firewire-800

True "Field" Recorder
  • Small Size, Lightweight, Low Power, No Fans
  • Rugged Industrial Design: aluminum chassis with rubberized protective jacket
  • All Solid-State construction, no heads to crash or tapes to jam
  • 6 User-Programmable Function Keys
  • 16 User-Defined Presets (video / audio setup, metadata)
  • Locking connectors and lockable keyboard
  • Multiple units can be simultaneously triggered

Unique Recording Capabilities

  • Time-Lapse Recording (I-Frame Only)
  • Pre-Record Buffer
  • 24p Pulldown Removal and Image Flip
  • Audio / Video Sync Adjustment
  • RAID 1 (Redundant) Recording Capability
  • Programmable triggers: GPIO, Incrementing Time-Code, etc.

Outstanding Audio / Video Quality
  • High Quality Sony MPEG2 CODEC
  • 4X to 6X the Data-Rate of HDV
  • MPEG2 4:2:2 Full-Raster (1920 x 1080)
  • Long-GOP up to 100 Mbps, I-Frame up to 160 Mbps
  • 16/24-Bit Uncompressed Audio
  • Uncompressed 8/10-bit 4:2:2 Option (Fall 2008)


How to hire

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Other Hire Equipment

Sony Anycast Station

  • Sony AWS-G500HD Anycast Station [detail]
  • Sony AWS-G500 Anycast Station [detail]

Sony Anycast Station Option Cards

  • Sony BKAW-550 - PC Video Interface Module [detail]
  • Sony BKAW-570 - SD Video Interface Module [detail]
  • Sony BKAW-580 - Serial Digital Interface Module [detail]
  • Sony BKAW-560 - HD Video Interface Module [detail]
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Handheld Camcorders

VTR Machines

  • Sony HVR-M15E - Compact HDV VTR [detail]
  • Sony HVR-1500 - Digital HD Video Tape Recorder [detail]
  • Flash XDR: Superb Audio / Video + Tapeless Workflow + ASI I/O [detail]

Robotic Cameras (remote heads)

Robotic Camera (remote head) option cards

  • Sony BRBK-301 - Analogue RGB Component Card for BRC-300 & BRU-300 [detail]
  • Sony BRBK-302 - SDI Card for BRC-300 & BRU-300 [detail]
  • Sony BRBK-303 (BRBK303) - Optical Multiplex Interface Card for BRC-300P [detail]
  • Sony BRBK-302 (BRBK302) - SDI Output Card for BRC-300P SD Robotic Camera [detail]
  • Sony BRBK-H700 - HD Optical Mutiplex Card [detail]
  • Sony HFBK-HD1 - Hd-sdi Output Board [detail]
  • Sony HFBK-XG1 - XGA Output Board [detail]
  • Sony RM-BR300 - Remote Control Unit for BRC-300 [detail]

Sony Optical Multiplex units

  • Sony BRU-300P (BRU300P, BRU300) - Optical Fibre Multiplex [detail]
  • Sony BRU-H700P - HD Optical Mutiplex Unit [detail]

Robotic Camera (remote head) operating station

  • Robotic head composite operating/ monitoring station [detail]

Bespoke mounts for Sony robotic cameras

  • Wall mount
  • Floor Stand - Small
  • Floor Stand - Large
  • Audience floor stand

Cables & Accessories

  • 10m DV Firewire Cable 6-6 Pin
  • 20m Firewire Cable 6-6pin
  • Datavideo VP-314 DV Repeater 1 In / 1 Out
  • 6 pin to 4 pin adaptor DV Firewire adaptor
  • Sony CCFC-M100 (CCFCM100) 100m