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Webcast It is an independent Outside Webcast Facilities Company, specialising in providing first class filming services for the webcast of seminars and conferences

These kits have been introduced to offer you all the equipment and technical support you need to film your own events and get them online. Ideal if you want to start filming conferences, seminars, training, role play etc without having to invest in all the expensive kit that is required.

We will asses your filming requirements and give you all the training and support you need to get you producing eye catching videos!

This is how it works:

We train you, so you feel confident in setting up the camera, audio and any basic lighting that might be needed for filming.
We deliver the kit the day before filming and help set up so you are ready to go.
You film your event and we provide phone support should you have any problems.
We Collect the kit and footage after filming, with a ‘quick review’ so we can see how you got on.
We Edit and encode your footage in our edit suite for online streaming or burning to DVD


Specialist location filming services for live and on demand video